Seesam Insurance AS Latvia Branch has been engaged in provision of insurance services already since 1993.


To exist is to change! On 2018 August 31 the deal is completed for “Vienna Insurance Group” (VIG) to purchase 100 per cent of non-life insurance company “Seesam Insurance AS” (Seesam) shares from Finnish group “OP Financial group”. 
VIG has become an apparent insurance market leader in the Baltic States with the total market share of 23.7 per cent taking into account the results of the first quarter results in 2018 after the acquisition of company “Seesam” in Estonia and its branches in Latvia and Lithuania.


Seesam equity against commitments is one of the highest among the insurance companies operating in the Baltic Countries, ranking Seesam among the safest insurance companies in the Baltic region.
Continuing the tradition to support different popular sports in which families with children can participate, Seesam becomes the patron of the world’s widest orienteering event "Magnet".


Seesam begins to offer a vehicle insurance policy Zelta OCTA [Golden MTPL) which is unique in the Latvian market and beneficial to owners of motor vehicles; this policy quickly obtains great popularity.
In the campaign “Praise Good Service” Seesam repeatedly receives the award as the company most recommended by clients.


In the campaign “Praise Good Service” Seesam is recognized as the most recommended company in Latvia according to the "Recommendations Index" assessment.
According to the Latvian insurance brokerage rankings, Seesam is assessed as the best non-life insurance company.
Seesam becomes the national winner of the “European Business Award” in Latvia in the nomination “The Award for Customer Focus” in the season of 2014-2015.


Seesam is the first insurance company in Latvia, which insures children from birth. After a significant improvement of the children's accident insurance offer, the interest Seesam clients – parents - in this type of insurance increases markedly. If in 2010 nearly 5,700 children were insured by Seesam, then in early 2013 this figure was almost 11,000.
In the campaign “Praise Good Service!” Seesam becomes the most praised company in the category “Business to Consumer”.
In the result of the growth of the company, at the end of the year, Seesam Insurance AS Latvian Branch moves to new work premises in the central part of Riga, at Muitas iela 1, setting up a joint office with Pohjola Bank Plc Latvian branch and leasing company Pohjola Finance.


Seesam Insurance AS Latvian branch concludes the year 2012 with more than 1.137 million euro in profit.
Seesam participates in the annual campaign "Surprise Winter!” offering motorists to check free of charge their cars’ readiness for the winter. This possibility is used by more than 600 drivers in Riga and other major Latvian cities.


As the first company in the Latvian insurance market, „Seesam” has started offering a combined insurance service intended for farmers that is of special interest to larger farms. This combined farm insurance product has been developed by specialists of „Seesam” taking into account the Latvian farmers' views and preferences as well as experience gained in foreign countries.
From June 20, 2011 the sole shareholder of the JSIC “Seesam Latvia” is the Estonian company “Seesam Insurance AS” – a 100% subsidiary of the non-life insurance company “Pohjola Insurance Company Ltd.”, which is a member of “OP-Pohjola”, the largest and most well-known financial group in Finland. After reorganization, in the result of which all the “Seesam” companies operating in the Baltic Countries are merged, “Seesam Latvia” becomes the “Seesam Insurance AS” Latvian Branch taking over all the liabilities of “Seesam Latvia”.
The international rating agency Standard & Poor’s has increased the safety rating of „Pohjola Insurance Ltd.”, the parental company of „Seesam Insurance AS”, from A+ to AA-, which is one of the highest ratings among the insurance companies operating in the Scandinavia and the highest among the non-life insurance companies operating in the Baltic Countries.


‘’Pohjola Non-Life Insurance Company Ltd’’, a non-life insurance company owned by the largest Finnish financial group ''OP-Pohjola Group'', has become the sole shareholder of the JSIC ‘’Seesam Latvia’’ and of the ‘’Seesam’’ non-life insurance companies in Estonia and Lithuania. To confirm the long-term objectives of the company shareholders in the Baltics, to underline membership in the largest financial and insurance group in Finland, and to guarantee financial stability and safety of the parental companies of the group, Seesam companies in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania have introduced the brand of the group companies.


Travel insurance, MTPL insurance, CASCO insurance and private person property complex insurance e-policy and 24/7 e-sale system have been introduced. Seesam is the first company in the market who has introduced the „Partner Program”, which provides opportunity to cooperation partners to earn money by attracting visitors to the Seesam’s e-sale on the web site and using for this purpose a specially created link to the Seesam’s e-sale system. Expanding access and customer service, Seesam has opened a regional customer service centre in Valmiera. Seesam is carrying out market and customer needs surveys and studies, and on the basis of the surveys Seesam has created new products – Start CASCO, Economy CASCO, Super Casco, Room Policy, etc. To improve customer service, 24-hours service “Help on the road” has been introduced. Introduction of risk factor-based pricing for products. An unprecedented in the insurance market advertising campaign ''Night Policy” ensured a record-breaking number of visitors of the company's website and e-sales system. Health insurance electronic smart cards have been introduced. Development of a new complex IT system for management of insurance contracts, claims and customer relationship and business processes has been started.


JSIC Seesam Latvia continues to grow. The Company's gross written premiums increase by 23%, which is almost two times faster than the average for the non-life insurance market sector, amounting to 14.53 million LVL, while the gross insurance indemnities paid to clients increase by as much as 74%. For convenience of the customer service, a 24-hours assistance and information telephone line is introduced. More than 450 contractual cooperation organisations ensure full and qualified medical care and rehabilitation services for JSIC Seesam Latvia health insurance clients throughout the territory of Latvia.


JSIC Seesam Latvia continues to be one of most rapidly growing companies in its sector – the company’s gross written premiums increase by about 61 % in comparison with the previous year, amounting to 11.84 million LVL but the company’s profit first time exceed the limit of 1 million LVL - 1.30 million LVL. The profit is not distributed in dividends and is completely used for company’s further growth and development. JSIC Seesam Latvia continues to develop regional representation and network of collaboration partners, improving positions in regions of Liepāja, Ventspils and Daugavpils. To improve the customer service, a new customer service office is opened in Teika, Ropažu iela 93.


In 2006, Seesam started offering two new services – MTPL or insurance of civil liability for the land vehicles, and health insurance for employees of legal persons. The company started active selling in the regions and opened the first branch offices in Liepaja, Daugavpils and Ventspils.


Since the company was growing rapidly, the office premises in the Old Riga, Torna 4 – 1B became too small and the office was moved to more spacious premises in Vienibas gatve 87h. In the former office premises, the customer service centre “Vecriga” was opened. The insurance IT system – SAIKAS was implemented. In October 2005, the Finnish bank "OKO Osuuspankkien Keskuspankki Oyj" (OKO Bank) purchased shares of the Seesam Latvia shareholder, Finnish insurance company Pohjola group plc, wherewith Pohjola became the affiliate of OKO Bank.


In 2004 there was concluded an agreement between the shareholders about the repurchasing of AIG shares, and since the 5th of March 2004, Pohjola Group plc is the sole shareholder of Seesam Latvia. At the same time, when the shareholder was changed, there was made decision to start the restructuring of the company from a niche company to a company of universal type offering a wide range of services both to legal entities and individuals.


JSIC Seesam Latvia opens its first regional agency in Liepaja, Kurmajas prospect 8. The company’s profit after taxes grows to 686 thousand LVL.


To ensure provision of full-range insurance services, there is founded a sister company of JSIC Seesam Latvia – the life insurance stock company Seesam Life Latvia which starts provision of life insurance services. JSIC Seesam Latvia becomes one of leading insurance corporations in Latvia in insurance of property of legal entities. The company’s gross written premiums increase by about 47%, reaching the amount of 2.84 million LVL, but the profit after taxes reaches 458 thousand LVL. JSIC ‘’Seesam Latvia’’ has employed 21 employees.


The company name is changed from Famlat to Seesam, thus establishing a uniform name and brand for AIG and Pohjola joint ventures in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The joint venture of AIG and Pohjola in Estonia has used the name and the brand of Seesam already since 1991. The name „Seesam” originates from the acronym in Estonian – Suomi-Eesti-American.
JSIC Seesam Latvia starts corporation with the joint stock company "Aizkraukles Banka" and the joint stock company AS ‘’Hansabanka’’ in the field of insurance of individuals. The company’s gross written premiums increase by about 62% reaching 1.93 million LVL, but the profit after taxes reaches 190 thousand LVL. In Estonia the first summer sports games are arranged in which employees from Seesam companies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are participating.


The company moves to a new office in Old Riga, at Jēkaba Kazarmas, Torņa Street 4. The amount of the company’s gross written premiums exceed 1 million LVL - 1.19 million LVL, and the year has ended with first profit in amount of 11 thousand LVL. The company has employed 13 employees. The MTPL insurance system is implemented in Latvia on September 1, 1997, but in accordance with the company’s strategy and the shareholders’ decision, the company does not participate in provision of the MTPL insurance services.


On July 19, American International Group Inc. (AIG), one of the biggest insurers in the world, and Pohjola Group plc, a leading insurer group in Finland, establish a joint venture – insurance joint stock company ‘’FAMLAT’’, which means Fin-American-Latvian. There are 3 employees in the company.

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