Loyalty discounts till 40%

"Seesam" Loyalty Programme provides its regular clients with attractive discounts.

The loyalty discount rate depends on:

  • the period of time a client has been collaborating with "Seesam";
  • how many different types of insurance policies a client has purchased from "Seesam";
  • how many years compensation regarding this type of insurance has not been requested and received by a client;
  • how many of the client’s first degree relatives have purchased their policies from "Seesam".

The above criteria give a client a possibility to accumulate a loyalty discount of up to approximately 40%.

Model for calculating the loyalty discount:


  • Duration of cooperation and no-loss history discounts are listed from 1 January 2012.
  • Loyalty discounts are not added to other discounts. The bigger discount is always applied.

For further information on the Loyalty Programme, contact us by phone 67 06 10 00 or e-mail at info@seesam.lv

This is a financial service, insurance is offered by Seesam Insurance AS. Before making a purchase, review the
contract terms and conditions at www.seesam.ee and, if necessary, ask for additional information from an insurance specialist.