Insurance for Golfers

Seesam has developed a special program for golfers offering accident and civil liability insurance.

Seesam offers golfers the choice of three accident insurance programs that are intended to compensate financially for injuries caused during games or workout. Insurance for golfers also compensates for acute treatment of the so-called "golfer's elbow" if it is necessary to take part in competitions or tournaments. Seesam in such a situation will cover the costs of the player's "golfer's elbow" condition examination, treatment, injections, blockage and other medical manipulations and medications in this regard.

Seesam also offers civil liability insurance for golfers. Civil liability insurance for golfers covers not only damage to the health and life of a third party, but also in case of injury, reimburses both the cost of treatment and rehabilitation, and the costs associated with the intended participation in the tournament in the event of non-arrival (participation fees, airfares, hotel bookings).

Why buy the insurance for golfers?

Insurance for golfers includes:

Accident Insurance

  • The insurance cover is valid only during the game or workout.
  • Under the risk “Injuries, bone fracture”, there are compensated also expenses related to acute treatment of medial epicondilitis (golfer's elbow) (specialist consultations, examinations, medicines registered in the Medicines Register of the Republic of Latvia, physiotherapy, injections, infusions, blockages) with a limit of 1000 € in the insurance period The diagnosis should be confirmed by a doctor's statement based on the results of the USG. The payment is made only in cases where it is necessary to participate in competitions, tournaments, etc.
  • The number of per mil allowed for insured persons specified in the policy is set to 1.2.

Civil Liability Insurance

  • damage to a third person's health, life, physical condition;
  • damage to a third party’s property;
  • resulting losses from damage to health, life, physical condition and property damage. For example, in case of injury, not only reimbursement of treatment and rehabilitation expenses, but also the participation fee paid for the golf tournament in the event of a non-arrival to the tournament, the cost of the airline ticket purchased, the cost of the hotel booked.

The insurance cover is valid in the golf club area (Europe).


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This is a financial service, insurance is offered by Seesam Insurance AS. Before making a purchase, review the
contract terms and conditions at and, if necessary, ask for additional information from an insurance specialist.