Insurance for Golfers

Seesam has developed a special program for golfers offering accident and civil liability insurance.

Seesam offers golfers the choice of three accident insurance programs that are intended to compensate financially for injuries caused during games or workout. Insurance for golfers also compensates for acute treatment of the so-called "golfer's elbow" if it is necessary to take part in competitions or tournaments. Seesam in such a situation will cover the costs of the player's "golfer's elbow" condition examination, treatment, injections, blockage and other medical manipulations and medications in this regard.

Seesam also offers civil liability insurance for golfers. Civil liability insurance for golfers covers not only damage to the health and life of a third party, but also in case of injury, reimburses both the cost of treatment and rehabilitation, and the costs associated with the intended participation in the tournament in the event of non-arrival (participation fees, airfares, hotel bookings).

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