About Seesam

Seesam Insurance AS Latvia branch is a 100% subsidiary of the largest and most well-known Finnish non-life insurance company ‘’OP Insurance Company Ltd.’’ and is a member of the "OP Financial Group" - the largest financial group in Finland.

Seesam Insurance AS Latvia branch provides insurance services already since 1993.

The OP Financial Group companies including also „Seesam” companies in the Baltic Countries, employ 12 504 employees in total and the total assets of the Group exceed 80 billion Euro.

OP Insurance Company Ltd. with 27% market share is not only the largest but also the oldest non-life insurance company in Finland, founded in 1895.

The international rating agency Standard & Poor’s has conferred the safety rating AA- to „OP Insurance Company Ltd.” that is one of the highest ratings among the Scandinavian insurance companies.