Property insurance

After the accident you should immediately, as soon as possible, but not later than in 3 (three) business days report the accident in written to Seesam, filling in an application form available on

How to receive the indemnity?
  • An insurance claim application must be submitted
  • Receipts, signed statements, minutes, claims and other documents, which are necessary for the determination of the loss amount and circumstances must be submitted.

After receipt of the claim application, an expert of Seesam will contact you and, taking into account the circumstances, which have appeared, will inform you about the further progress.

What to do if your property has been damaged in the result of an accident?
  • If the damage is caused by the fire or explosion, then call the State Fire Fighting and Rescue Service immediately. Phone: 112 or 01.
  • If there has been a theft or robbery or its attempt, inform the State Police immediately. Phone: 112 or 0.
  • If a breakdown of the heating or sewerage system or a water leakage has occurred, inform the emergency service, manager of the building or the house management body.
  • Immediately, as soon as possible, but not later than within 3 working days after the fact is established, inform Seesam about the insured event in writing  by filling-in the application form. Information phone: 67 06 10 00 or 67 06 10 38.
What may not be done after an insured event?

Without a written consent of Seesam the following is not permitted:

  • start any damaged property repair or restoration works, except those necessary to immediately prevent the continuation of the damage;
  • recognize the liability on behalf of the insurer, or make promises regarding compensation of damages;
  • it is forbidden to discard the insured/damaged property without permission of Seesam.

This is a financial service, insurance is offered by Seesam Insurance AS. Before making a purchase, review the
contract terms and conditions at and, if necessary, ask for additional information from an insurance specialist.